Eligos Development Services

Eligos Development Services

Note: Some services may not be available at certain times.

 Website Design

Have a website idea that you'd like to turn into a reality or have a general idea but would like professional help with a modern and eyecatching design? Our creative and skilled designers are here to make your dreams a reality!

 Website Development

With tons of experience in multiple languages such as JAVA, PHP, C#, C++, jQuery, JS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and more. Our staff is well qualified and more than willing to create any project or idea that you are ready to turn into a successful reality!

 Website Maintenance

Don't have time or don't know how to keep your website updated or regularly maintained? Equipped with tons of experience in website management, moderating, and maintenance, our staff is ready to help you keep your website ahead of the technology curve and properly maintained.


With software such as Big Cartel, Shopify, Wordpress, Squarespace, etc. We can have a website up and ready for you that is easily customizable and user friendly within days or even hours (time varies on project size)!

 Website Hosting

With our fast and reliable web hosting your website can be online and available to the world within minutes!

 Website SEO

Currently not accepting public clients for this service.


Branding is one of the most important tools a company, business or even a social media persona can have. Our creative and highly skilled branding experts are here to help you create the perfect catchy and powerful brand for you and your product to get ahead in the marketing and publicizing game!

 Business Software

Have a business that needs automated software? Our special team of software developers are ready to create any management systems, database systems, or any other app your business may need.